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Red leaves

十月 28, 2010

A tree full of red leaves, on a rainy day (yesterday). Photo taken on my way from home to the shuttle bus stop.

The road is slippery when it’s wet, and it’s even more slippery when it’s covered with fallen leaves. When I said to myself this morning that the scene with fallen leaves is so beautiful, I had no idea my bike would skid because of the leaves five minutes later. I was making a turn onto the wooden bridge across the Indian creek, when my bike skid because the road is covered with leaves. Fortunately I landed on the wooden floor, so only my knee was scratched slightly as otherwise both my elbow and my knee would bleed if I should land on the asphalt bike trail.

With too many fallen leaves it’s hard to spot the bike trail…

P.S. Using alcohol to disinfect the wound is so “exciting"! …


Picnic in Black Hill Regional Park

九月 5, 2010

Last Saturday I had picnic with some Hong Kong people. The picnic was organized by HK student association (HKSA) of UMD. We went to Black Hill Regional Park, which is some 50 minutes drive from College Park.

Photo taken next to the visitor center.


This is where we had picnic. There were so many Chinese/Hong Kong dishes that I just kept eating without taking pictures! This is a partial list of food I had had:
豆腐花 (There were many people interested in how to make this dessert and asked the folk who prepared this for the recipe! It’s real good and I had refilled twice!)
(I had also had some salad and fruits but they were not as important to me compare to those above 😛 )
(There were also some games like Bingo and 大電視 prepared by the exco (thanks!) and they were fun, but still I enjoyed the food more.)
After the food and the games I took some photos around the lake:

There’s also a boat tour. The scenery at the other side of the lake is great but due to the position of the sun at the evening, they appeared washed-out, as can be seen from the picture.

The visitor center. The sky is so blue with almost no clouds. This is probably due to a hurricane out there on the Atlantic ocean. Few days after the picnic the temperature soars to 105oF (40.5oC)!

Looks like the one you find in Windows, huh?

P.S. The card game “take 6″ is interesting, though.

P.P.S. Forgot to ask about how to obtain the ingredients for making Hong Kong style milk tea…

P.P.P.S. Yesterday the HKSA organized an “open sem rice" and I had the opportunity of having even more Chinese dishes:

豆腐花 (oh this is not as good as the one last week though)

Rice cooker

八月 30, 2010

Last week I tried cooking rice with this “hot-pot express", but the result is disappointing: the rice is never throughly cooked so it’s still hard inside (although my flatmate describe that as crunchy) and the rice at the bottom was burnt (as can be seen from the picture).

Therefore I ordered a rice cooker from Amazon. It’s just 13 bucks! It’s even cheaper than my memory foam pillow!

From the picture I was misled into thinking that it is a relativly big one that holds 3 cups of uncooked rice and gives 6 bowls of cooked rice. The truth is it can only hold 1.5 cups of uncooked rice and give 2.5 bowls of rice. When I saw Black and Decker the first thing that came to my mind was tools like a screwdriver or an electric drill, and never a rice cooker…

I also steamed the watery egg (蒸水蛋) to serve with the rice, but apparently it doesn’t look as nice as those prepared by my mom. (It taste more or less the same, though. 😛 )

A photo of all the appliances in the kitchen. Can you imagine they cost a total of only US$32? (From left to right: $11.5, 13, and 7.5.)

Around Berwyn Heights

八月 30, 2010

Since I had no internet access for the last weekend, I went out for a walk on Sunday afternoon.

This is where I started (Indian Creek Park) – there’s a post with flyers on a self-guided walking tour about the old, representative building in Berwyn Heights. At the bottom is a sign for the East Coast Greenway, a trail linking cities from Florida to Maine.

Alongside the path is the Indian Creek – the water is clear although the creek appears brown due to the riverbed.

Crossed the creek here…

… and we arrived at Lake Artemesia …

… and Lake Metro.

The sky was blue and there’s willows and lilies by the lake.

Several pavilions are built along the lake.

There are signs introducing the inhabitants. The hay field look similar to that in Mai Po (米埔).

Home for the birds.

On the other side of the creek there is a birding trail.

Every time I walk back to school I’ll cross this creek.

Then I took the self-guided tour. I tried to take photos for each of the houses introduced in the pamphlet but eventually I missed one. Most of these were built in the 1890s. Some of the designs were from a pattern book.

I like this house because of its blue color.

This octagonal house is one of my favorites among the houses.

This house is now a building of the Berwyn Heights Elementary School.

Logs are stored between two trees.

The last house in the tour.

Town center for Berwyn Heights.

Rain water is stored for garden use.

Another house in blue.

This is the main building for the elementary school. The road in front of it has a speed limit of 15mph instead of 25mph (which is the limit for other roads in Berwyn Heights). Also, there are stop signs at almost every intersection in the area so cars have to stop in front of the intersection even if there is no traffic light.


八月 28, 2010

French toast here is not the same as that in Hong Kong. Plato’s diner serves great food and we have to wait for 25 minutes before having a seat.

“Not to use artificial hormones*" in the front, but “* No significant difference has been shown in milk from cows treated with the artificial growth hormone rbST and non-rbST treated cows" at the back, so, is artificial hormones used?

This is what happen when there is a pasta source sauce sale in Safeway… We got 10 jars of them in 8 different flavors (same for the one living upstairs…). (The deal? $2.99 -> $1.25)

The sky is so blue… This is now the wallpaper on my laptop. 🙂