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Writing EXIF data for adapted lens using exiftool

八月 29, 2013

To write EXIF data for my adapted Konica Hexanon 40mm f/1.8 lens I used this command:

exiftool -FNumber="2.8" -MaxApertureValue="1.8" -FocalLength=40 -Lens="Konica Hexanon 40mm f/1.8" PHOTO.JPG

For cameras of other brand you might want to use
-ApertureValue="2.8" instead of (or in conjunction to)

A backup will be made with name PHOTO.JPG_original.

Interestingly the size of edited photo is smaller, so I wonder if some details are lost (I don’t think so, but I haven’t figured out yet).

When I copied the modified JPG back to the card, the camera read the focal length correctly, but f/2.8 appeared as f/2.4… (edit: MaxApertureValue uses APEX values not F-Stops. c.f.

(Added Feb 15, 2016: To copy tags from one photo to another —


Rokkor lens

八月 21, 2013

Some of them can focus at 30 cm (12 inch).

Konica Hexanon lens

八月 19, 2013

These could be found for less than $50, for use with an adapter on m4/3 systems.

Diffraction is the reason we don’t stop down too much

八月 19, 2013