Basic way of backing up Xanga

(Please share if you have a better way) The basic way to archive your Xanga:
1. Sign in (or click forget my “password") and go to
2. Generate an archive by clicking the button “Update Your Archives"
3. Wait until they are generated, the time it takes depends on how large is your blog. (Mine is mostly text so it’s done in a few minutes; if you have lots of photos then it will take longer.)
4. Download the zip file(s). That would give you the plain blog, black on white. No # views, but comments will be there.
5. Copy the CSS script from any of your page to see your blog in colour. That is, open up and check out the source code. Copy the block that starts with <style type="text/css"> and ends with </style>, then paste it into your page.

Meanwhile I’m looking for better ways to make it look and feel the same.


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一個回應 to “Basic way of backing up Xanga”

  1. Bill Hung (@billhung) Says:

    google reader is shutting down too… I am moving to “the old reader"


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