I’m using dropbox.com for syncing files across computer, as well as backup. Today I saw on slickdeals that there is a minus.com that offers 10GB of storage with 2GB file size limit. I tried that out and the registration is simple: just type in a user name and a password and you’re good to go. It doesn’t even ask you for your email. The upload speed is quite decent (2MBytes/sec) while the download speed is 1MBytes/sec (I’m on a 25Mb connection). After upload you can share the file with friends: just give them the link (if it is private) and you can also share it as public. It’s good if you have large files you want to share and neither you nor your friends have to setup a server, and you don’t have to tolerate the slow speed file transfer using those IM clients. It’s worth trying it out.




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