More Nook comments

To enable installing apps in NookMarket:

Twook (version: 0.0.8): consistently turn the screen off when I move from the password field to the submit button. Solution: press any page flip button to turn the screen back on in the login page. Reading tweets on Nook is great but tweeting one isn’t, because of the lower sensitivity of the keyboard compared to iPod Touch and you need arrow key to navigate to your typos and correct them (no spell check of course).

WikiLocker: allows you to lock your wifi so it doesn’t turn off (beware of battery drain), turn wifi off, keep touchscreen on, disable screensaver and stop adb.

It would be nice if there can be gamma settings in the pdf viewer—the CMR fonts commonly used in LaTeX appears to be thin on screen (both computer and Nook). I have yet to figure out a way to hack this:

The first one is the original APDFViewer output whereas the second one is an image processed with gamma=0.5 from the computer. PaperCrop will do this for you but the resulting file is huge because the pages are converted into images in PDF.

Bookshelves do not survive a reboot? Why?


5 回應 to “More Nook comments”

  1. Nook « Tom_Chan's Weblog Says:

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  2. Bill Hung Says:

    did you get nook color? why’s there color there?

  3. Tom Chan Says:

    The 1st gen Nook has both 6″ e-ink screen and a color screen below it. That’s no longer the case in the new (2nd gen) Nook.

  4. samb Says:

    1st Nook or 2nd Nook do you prefer?
    any suggestion?

  5. Tom Chan Says:

    2nd Nook is lighter, and comes with touch screen in the reading area and pages flip with less flicker, although you lose the little colour screen at the bottom. I would say 2nd gen is better.


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