Windows 7 x64 Ramdisk

I downloaded the Ramdisk from here. It’s free if your ramdisk size is less than 4GB. It works for my Windows 7 x64 version. It saves and load the ramdisk image when you shutdown or boot your computer so it’s really painless.

Then I moved my Chrome cache to the Ramdisk by copying the “User Data" directory from “C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome" to “D:\TEMP". Then modify the Chrome shortcut and add the parameter --user-data-dir="D:\TEMP\User Data" after chrome.exe.

Reference: (but you don’t need all that hacking mentioned because the software is not beta now)


2 回應 to “Windows 7 x64 Ramdisk”

  1. Bill Hung Says:

    What made you do this?
    I still don’t understand the use case.

  2. Tom Chan Says:

    I think that could reduce harddisk usage because I heard that Chrome writes to disk frequently. Not sure if it is still the case now.


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