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WinSplit Evolution

十一月 27, 2010
Winsplit Evolution is a utility to organize your windows, so we don’t have to do manually resize them every time. With a large monitor this comes handy.

I disabled the ++ key combination in my display driver (no one really want to use the monitor to be upside down, right?) and assign it to Winsplit. It will cycle through these settings (I’m using the screen in the portrait mode — 1080 x 1920)
1. upper half of the screen
2. lower half of the screen
3. lower 5/6 of the screen (using the full height for reading is just too much)

If you have a better suggestion, leave a message here.


Windows 7 x64 Ramdisk

十一月 6, 2010

I downloaded the Ramdisk from here. It’s free if your ramdisk size is less than 4GB. It works for my Windows 7 x64 version. It saves and load the ramdisk image when you shutdown or boot your computer so it’s really painless.

Then I moved my Chrome cache to the Ramdisk by copying the “User Data" directory from “C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome" to “D:\TEMP". Then modify the Chrome shortcut and add the parameter --user-data-dir="D:\TEMP\User Data" after chrome.exe.

Reference: (but you don’t need all that hacking mentioned because the software is not beta now)