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Red leaves

十月 28, 2010

A tree full of red leaves, on a rainy day (yesterday). Photo taken on my way from home to the shuttle bus stop.

The road is slippery when it’s wet, and it’s even more slippery when it’s covered with fallen leaves. When I said to myself this morning that the scene with fallen leaves is so beautiful, I had no idea my bike would skid because of the leaves five minutes later. I was making a turn onto the wooden bridge across the Indian creek, when my bike skid because the road is covered with leaves. Fortunately I landed on the wooden floor, so only my knee was scratched slightly as otherwise both my elbow and my knee would bleed if I should land on the asphalt bike trail.

With too many fallen leaves it’s hard to spot the bike trail…

P.S. Using alcohol to disinfect the wound is so “exciting"! …


untitled cooking

十月 28, 2010

Soup with diced potatoes, tomatoes and shredded carrots. The carrots are sauteed a bit beforehand. I put in too much salt (oh), which means I have to add water to it (i.e. I have more soup :P).

The colour of the oyster sauce is a bit too light, and the taste is not that great… maybe I should try another brand next time. Although, it will be long time before I finish this one… (The vegetable is just iceberg lettuce.)


十月 3, 2010



蘑菇切片,青椒、洋蔥切粒,蒜頭切碎(或用garlic presser輾碎)。先爆香蒜頭,再放青椒、洋蔥。加了一點水(怕煮不熟),最後落蘑菇以及意粉醬。意粉放進開水,加鹽及油煮十一分鐘(實際時間因牌子不同可能有異)。

* 青椒落得太多,以致蘑菇好像被蓋過了,下次可以試下只落1/4個。

P.S. 意粉醬還有很多,不過都是紅的,白的已經用完… 紅的是不是加肉醬會比較好?
P.P.S. 從宜家買了一隻鑊,但是煮出來的菜還是不太均勻(圖中比較透明的那些是煮得太熟了)…