Rice cooker

Last week I tried cooking rice with this “hot-pot express", but the result is disappointing: the rice is never throughly cooked so it’s still hard inside (although my flatmate describe that as crunchy) and the rice at the bottom was burnt (as can be seen from the picture).

Therefore I ordered a rice cooker from Amazon. It’s just 13 bucks! It’s even cheaper than my memory foam pillow!

From the picture I was misled into thinking that it is a relativly big one that holds 3 cups of uncooked rice and gives 6 bowls of cooked rice. The truth is it can only hold 1.5 cups of uncooked rice and give 2.5 bowls of rice. When I saw Black and Decker the first thing that came to my mind was tools like a screwdriver or an electric drill, and never a rice cooker…

I also steamed the watery egg (蒸水蛋) to serve with the rice, but apparently it doesn’t look as nice as those prepared by my mom. (It taste more or less the same, though. 😛 )

A photo of all the appliances in the kitchen. Can you imagine they cost a total of only US$32? (From left to right: $11.5, 13, and 7.5.)


6 回應 to “Rice cooker”

  1. KK Lo Says:

    haha, I got my rice cooker from Walmart, only CAD12 =p

  2. Tom Chan Says:

    ok, you win. 😛

  3. Power Says:

    Next time you may try using a pan ^_^

  4. Tom Chan Says:

    @Power A pan to cook the rice? I’ve got a rice cooker~

  5. Bill Hung Says:

    My sister just moved to France to study. She has problem with rice cooker too. My UK friends recommended a type that is designed to go into the microwave.

  6. Tom Chan Says:

    This could work too. I cooked rice with microwave when I was in the UK, but not as easy as using a rice cooker.



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