French toast here is not the same as that in Hong Kong. Plato’s diner serves great food and we have to wait for 25 minutes before having a seat.

“Not to use artificial hormones*" in the front, but “* No significant difference has been shown in milk from cows treated with the artificial growth hormone rbST and non-rbST treated cows" at the back, so, is artificial hormones used?

This is what happen when there is a pasta source sauce sale in Safeway… We got 10 jars of them in 8 different flavors (same for the one living upstairs…). (The deal? $2.99 -> $1.25)

The sky is so blue… This is now the wallpaper on my laptop. 🙂


7 回應 to “Trivia”

  1. chuan Says:

    Is artificial hormones used in your milk?

    The simple answer is no.

    But why there are two seemingly confusing confusing wordings?

    1) Scientific research shows milk from cows treated with Posilac (containing rbGH aka rbST) is no different with other milks. FDA approved this.

    2) So indicating “no rbGH" as a marketing stragtegy may not be appropriate. For example, you can not sell salt by indicating not containing sodium. (This is not a totally equivalent example. I left for you to judge.)

    3) But there are still people want to know if the milk contains rbGH. I guess then the Maryland law requires if whenever the milk company indicating no rbGH, they have also to indicate the research result.


  2. Tom Chan Says:

    Thanks for the info.

  3. Bill Hung Says:

    Don’t be like me. have spaghetti/pasta diet year long.
    Go get that piece of meat and gain yourself some America weight, man.

  4. KK Lo Says:

    Safeway is quite expensive Canada. Not sure if it is also true in US.

    I quite like the taste of Classico =p and the price is good, at least cheaper than Van

  5. Bill Hung Says:

    Safeway was like my only local supermarket in California, didn’t have much choice…


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