My new home (cont’)

This is my backyard. It’s very large.

With the blue sky it’s even better.

The landlord (who is another CS PhD student starting this year) brought me a bed. The timing is perfect that it came when I no longer want to sleep on the airbed (coz it hurts my back).

Other photos have been posted but due to time limitation*, I’ll write about the rest later.

* Originally we’ll have internet setup by today, but the Verizon guy came and say they have to dig up the road and lay the cable, which means we’ll not get internet this month… (oh my gosh!) We are trying to see if other companies can offer internet this week… Can’t imagine I’m going back to the university twice in a day, given the distance between my home and the university!


7 回應 to “My new home (cont’)”

  1. Kane Ho Says:

    May be you can consider using a MiFi?

  2. KK Lo Says:

    wooow, sprinkle a bag of seeds can turn it into a garden

  3. Tom Chan Says:

    @Kane It is expensive to use the cellular networks…
    @KK The landlord will do this next year. 🙂

  4. Bill Hung Says:

    Are you going for AT&T? Or what?

  5. Tom Chan Says:

    I use T-Mobile prepaid only… Now we have arranged an installation with Comcast on Saturday, i.e. 3 days to go.

  6. Bill Hung Says:

    Oh, t-mobile prepaid is good. With iphone jailbreak being legal, nothing to fret about

  7. Tom Chan Says:

    I only got iTouch… anyway the internet should be coming tomorrow.


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