My new home

The house on the left is my home in the states. It’s in Berwyn Heights with a quiet neighborhood. I live in a room in the basement half of which is underground, so I don’t get good signals sometimes.

This is the footbridge that crosses the Metro line and the MARC line. It is on my way to school if I have to walk. It’s a 40 minute walk and I have to spend 3.5 minutes winding up and down on this footbridge. Why don’t they add stairs (or ladders)? 😛

This is the bridge that leads to the campus.

My wardrobe.

The kitchen downstairs. Without stoves, oven or microwave, I have to go upstairs to cook my dinner.

I’ll post some more photos in the coming week.


5 回應 to “My new home”

  1. chuan Says:

    You are in Maryland?

  2. Bill Hung Says:

    very cool. You are starting a new life. Keep me updated. =]

  3. Tom Chan Says:

    @chuan I think I’m now a PhD student (not candidate) coz I haven’t finished the qualifying coursework.


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