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Why not eqnarray?

三月 23, 2010

There are just too many old LaTeX tutorial out there that suggest using eqnarray, so learners just stick to eqnarray (eqnarray*) instead of align (align*) provided by AMSMath package. This article provides detailed explanation to why one should avoid eqnarray.

AMSMath package do provide a lot of environments that should be good enough for average use. Skim through to get an idea of what it can do.


Linux 上的繁體拼音輸入法

三月 23, 2010

而且iBus-Chewing好像有點bug,就是(在firefox裏)一換textbox就變回注音輸入…要用Alt-Shift轉為其他輸入法再轉回來才回復正常…是設定的問題還是我應該去做個bug report呢?*
又,如何將在Ubuntu Lucid(10.4)才出現的ibus-table-cantonese裝到Karmic(9.10)去?**

* update (24 Mar): 從得知此bug已於ibus-chewing-20091211修正,可於Karmic(10.4)下載新版ibus-chewing, libchewing3及libchewing3-data自行安裝或直接升級Karmic (。
** update (24 Mar): 同樣可於Karmic下載再用dpkg -i 安裝。不過好像沒有詞庫,我還是用酷音好了。

Google Chrome: resize tabs

三月 23, 2010

Good for widescreen monitors.