Skype raises connection fee

1. From 6th September 2009, connection fee for non-global rate countries will be doubled:

HKD$0.39 –> HKD$0.79

A way to make more money…

2. The monthly subscription fee listed on the webpage is not the same as what I see on the order page (using language = Traditional Chinese):

One country (region = Asia):  web = HKD$44.95, order page = HKD$45.95

3. Billing address/currency matters? (not VAT)

One country (region = Europe): web = HKD$34.95, order page = HKD$45.95

Europe (region = Europe): web = HKD$49.95, order page = HKD$59.95

One country (region = US/Canada): web = HKD$49.95, order page = HKD$45.95

World (region = US/Canada): web = HKD$79.95, order page = HKD$99.95



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