Test post from iPod Touch

Testing. I bought the iPod touch 10 days ago, and is now trying out different apps from App Store and Cydia. 🙂
The screen is crisp and is good for video playback, however the built-in video player is a bit picky and only accept video converted for the iPod format, but converting to iPod format is slooow (roughly 1x on my laptop). The mplayer for iPod is good (accepts video converted by mencoder) but there are hiccups during playback. I hope it will be improved in the next version.
The keyboard is quite good, but the handwriting interface may need some refinement. Afterall we are using finger not pen to write on it so the tiny box is just too small.
Another point that is not so great is the iTunes which allows syncing with only one computer.
Otherwise this is a fun machine to play with. The user interface is great. 😀





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